I rescued my boy from animal control in Phoenix, AZ just over a year ago. He was skin and bones, had no energy, a bad case of kennel cough, and pretty much laid under a blanket for months as he was hand fed and carried outside to do his business. It has been a long, slow recovery for him, but he is doing very well now. He will probably always be on the lean side (he weights almost 5 lbs.), but eats on his own without any issue.
He is up to date with all his shots, neutered, but has knee trouble. He has silly bursts of energy once and a while and will rip around the yard, but is pretty much a cuddlier for the most part. Although, he doesn't watch tv, he'd be really happy in a couch potatoe home where he could just hang out and be spoiled.
He is completely house trained and has no bad habits. He has no issue going in a crate. Spanish is his first language, so has taken some time to pick English. He is great friends with my other little dogs, and also has lab, healer and jack russell friends. He enjoys going to the dog park, but will sometimes go after the biggest dog in the park. Rarely barks, and and has occasionally howled.
He has absolutely no bite in him. Children can easily catch him and he lets them do what they like to him, so I'd prefer he goes to a home with nice, older children or where the supervision will be high so he isn't hurt unintentionally. He prefers quiet voices and is a bit scared of men initially, but has made very good friends with my dad.
The last three pictures are of him in Phx right after adoption. The forth picture is most recent.
I really do not want him to leave, but due to some huge changes in our lives, I have to reorganize everything. I'm in no rush, and will only let him go to a loving, long term home. Please leave info if you are interested and I'll get back to you. Thanks.