We got Trinity when she was 3 months old, she is very much loved, and we are heartbroken to have to let her go, but sadly due to some unfortunate family circumstances, and some recent physical issues and ailments I am unable to provide her with the attention she needs and deserves.
She is a medium sized big puppy (aprox 40lbs) with blue and brown bi- colored eyes, and a black, white and tan coat. She is registered, has all her up to date shots, is spayed and also tattooed. She is fully house trained, knows basic comands and has some training.
Trinity gets along with other dogs and is a very playful girl, she does need some work on greeting people and smaller dogs and due to her high prey drive cats and small dogs are not suitable for her home. She is extremely bright, and very quick to learn commands, she does require alot of playtime and more training. Trinity likes her toys, playing fetch and tossing her toys by herself. She enjoys being outside and also absolutely loves outdoor activites like hiking, running along side you, or alongside a bike, and is learning to love the water... but she will always need to be on leash.

Trinity would do well in a home with other larger dogs and is best suited for an active owner who can provide her with the physical and mental challenges she needs. If you're looking for an affectionate, loyal, high energy companion...she will make an amazing pet and a amazing addition to your family.
Please research the Husky breed before considering one.
Thank you for your interest.