A first for Canada: Mini Sport Retrievers have arrived after a year of anticipation as well as planning. 1 boy remains out of 6 total arrived October 16 ready to go now. Housetraining and training has already started. All are merles and have retained the strong spotted characteristics we sought in our planned breeding. Please note that all pups require either spay/neutered as well 3 breed registrations which is additional fees. All pups come with health certificates, shots, microchipping which is added fee to base price. The price will includes some additional fees.
Gone with the Wind Kennels is committed to providing superior pets to our customers. It is our focus to have the sport retrievers recognized as a breed in Canada while maintaining specific desired characteristics of sturdy 30 to 60 pounds, compact medium sized 14 to 18 inches, deep chest, fan tails, dense coats with waterproofing, friendly, outgoing, easy trainability, lovable, trustworthy, patient pets or working capable dogs.
We are located in Kelowna, the heart of the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia and specialize in breeding miniature retrievers to meet your family?s specific needs and requirement's. Our focus is on families who have downsized and love the breed characteristics and qualities yet are now limited on size.
Call 250.575. or visit www.gonewiththewindkennels.com for more detailed information.